Who is Evan Rabin?

Over the past 10+ years, Life Master Evan Rabin, has helped hundreds of students in private lessons, schools, and camps. As a result, these students have improved their opening, middle game and endgame strategy, calculating abilities and overall chess game. 

He currently splits his time between running a sales outsourcing startup Pillar Sales and teaching chess in the classroom and private lessons. 

Other than chess and sales, Evan enjoys listening to music, trying new restaurants and traveling. He has been to 19 countries, six of which he's played chess tournaments in. 

Chess Lessons From A National Chess Master

With 10+ Years of Teaching Experience

  • Bruce Bowyer Memorial 2nd Place, March 2017
  • MIT Spring Tournament 1st Place, April 2016
  • United States Chess Federation Life Master,  April 2015
  • Eastern Class Championship U2200 1st Place, April 2015
  • Philadelphia Open U2200 2nd Place, April 2015 
  • World Open U2200 2nd Place, July 2011
  • United States Chess Federation National Master, April 2010 
  • United States Amateur Team East 1st Place, February 2007
  • United States Chess Federation Expert,  August 2006

​   Some of Evan Rabin's

Chess Achievements


    Why Evan Rabin?

  • ​​10+ Years Teaching Experience
  • Training from some of the best and most famous chess teachers of all time; e.g Bruce Pandolfini and David Macenulty 
  • Active Chess Player (currently playing in two leagues and 1-2 tournaments per month)
  • Has drawn 10 games against grandmasters, including Kekelidze, Kudrin, Rohde, and Izoria. 
  • Has beaten International Masters, including Alexander Lenderman (IM at the time), Jay Bonin and Justin Sarkar
  • ​Compassionate teacher who always comes to lessons prepared 
  • Cum Laude Graduate of the world-class Brandeis University, with a degree in Business and International Studies, Evan brings his deep respect for education and disciplined study to his lessons, inspiring his students to excel.
  • Excellent Customer Service