​​​​Grace Church School, New York, NY 

Our Lady of Pompeii School, New York, NY

Mott Haven Academy, Bronx, NY 

Seton Catholic Central, Binghamton, NY 

Jersey City Global Charter School, Jersey City, NJ 

Saint Bartholomew School, East Brunswick, NJ 

​Wardlaw-Hartridge School, Edison, NJ 

Saint Dominic Academy, Lewiston, ME 

​Saint Nicholas School, Houston, NJ 

Sonoran Science Academy, Tucson, AZ

Many more schools are currently in conversations with Premier Chess and will be added to this list soon! 

Email Premier Chess' CEO Evan Rabin at erabin66@gmail.com or call (917)776-1306 if you'd like to get Premier Chess at your school! 


​ Premier Chess Excited to Partner with the Following Schools in the 2017-2018 School Year: